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The WPBS App: How traditional television broadcasters are taking hold of digital media

With the fractioning of traditional television audiences to mobile devices, VOD services and the likes, its only makes sense for broadcasters to meet the audience on their devices of choice. In fact in 2015, mobile traffic, surpassed desktop traffic which means the audiences generated by offering mobile solutions to your audience is for the most part, new audiences, perhaps tuning in at times of the day they are not near their television. This represents new engagement opportunities, and perhaps a new audience altogether. Apps won’t replace traditional broadcast, but they are an excellent way to engage on top programming offers, to stay connected via push notifications and to build the station brand by demonstrating thought leadership and immersive content experiences which leverage traditional broadcast opportunities.


WPBS iPhone App    WPBS Android App

WPBS-DT launches app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

ID Digital Media was mandated to build a smartphone app for WPBS-DT, a PBS affiliate television broadcaster in upstate New York. The result allows the station not only to stay in touch with its audience via push notifications during the week, but to ensure community events and are funding activities are properly communication to their audience who is on the go.

A few App features to consider

Apps are an excellent medium to bring news, schedule changes and community updates to broadcast viewers. It can also be a new source of advertiser revenue, home to a custom pay-per-view VOD channel, or simply a way to allow users to view livestreaming programming on the go. Whatever your needs, ID Digital can take you there, cost effectively. When you order app development and promotion together from ID Digital you can make huge savings with an integrated strategy that will ensure your amazing app gets the maximum possible exposure.

  • Broadcast News Programming

    Take your news programming mobile for on-the-go audiences who are loyal viewers.

  • Schedule Reminders

    Our research shows broadcast app users respond well to reminders of top shows in programming. Stay connected with audience by reinforcing viewer loyalty.

  • Create a Pay Per View channel

    Most broadcasters have key programs rights they could  be offering outside of their broadcast schedule. Monetize those rights, or build loyalty programs for advertisers, supporters and top fans.

  • Social media marketing

    Leverage the power of social media to drive more traffic to your app and to target local users.

  • Community Building/Event Promotion

    Apps are great for bringing together a core audience of your community either for physical or virtual events. Push notifications are powerful reminders to ensure your audience shows up.

  • Expand Your Footprint

    Our broadcast clients experience audience interactions with loyal views from out of broadcast area, who may have moved but retain a connection with station. Use your app to expand your footprint to your global followers.

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