Smartphone App Development with Native Apps

Thinking about Smartphone App development for your company in 2015? With search from mobile devices now comprising more than 50% of overall search volume as of 2012, it is clear mobile devices are here to stay as a content delivery paradigm. But what is the best way to move into this space without betting the farm on what will work best for your needs?

For instance simple mobile websites are great, but in looking at all the options in your smartphone app development marketing arsenal, what are known as "native" mobile Apps on iPhone and Android devices offer a range of functionality not available on mobile sites, from automatic location detection to using the camera function, to name a few.

But the biggest advantage of a native mobile App, is the engagement factor. Native Apps on iPhone and Android devices have a typical retention rate of 2 1/2 times that of mobile websites. This is more time in your content, on your message.

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