Our Apps by Category

Healthcare Services

Healthcare Apps can bring together health professionals, service providers and patient/clients who all increasingly require ‘on the go’ information for a streamlined service and optimal patient experience



Retail Fashion Industry

From brick and mortar shops to online commerce, retail and fashion Apps can connect style seekers with style providers with the latest geo information services and quick action sale notifications for deal seekers.



Educational and Institutional

Schools, Institutions, and distance learning communities can provide their students and faculty with day to day connectivity with up-to-date info on curriculum and/or organisation communications.



Golf Resorts, Spas and Clubs

Leasure, sport and high end-amenity establishments can present their offerings to members as well as new prospects via Club/Spa service oriented Apps




Food and Dining & Nightlife

Food and Beverage and Nightlife establishments can offer reservation services, specials, coupons and last minute offers as well as 1click directions via GPS including loyalty programs for their regular customers





Film Media & Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment and Media companies can build Apps to feature bonus and extras content around their media properties, whereas Film TV distribution companies can easily service their buyers and meeting calendars at trade shows offering QR coupons for film sell sheets and market related info, and GPS info of booth locations on tradeshow floors



Science & Industry

Science and Biotech companies can leverage key shareable data with their userbase, to increase efficiencies in key sharing communities, with both public and private access areas to maximise information sharing and organisation, including in factories, colleges, and at trade shows and public events



Real Estate