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Welcome to ID Digital, an interactive marketing group focused on the development of iPhone and Android applications.  The explosion of sales for mobile devices which are internet capable, has changed the rules of marketing for ever. Customers now have a full-time assistant in their pockets, capable of finding your business, your competitors, only a click or two away. ID Digital can bring your mobile communications strategy in line with these new possibilities.

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A few interesting facts:

Smartphone numbers, according to a recent Adsmobi article, will continue to enjoy incredibly strong growth in the US, but it will be the iPhone and Android that dominate the market moving forward. There will be a total of 117.9m smartphones in the US in 2011, rising to 155.6m in 2012, with smartphones becoming the dominant device category in 2012.

This growth is having a phenomenal impact on mobile internet usage. In 2011, mobile internet penetration reached 41 per cent in the US (129.99m users), and will hit 48 per cent in 2012 (158.9m users). This is generating an incredible uplift in inventory, and having a powerful impact on mobile advertising spend.

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Wondering just what features a ID Digital Smartphone App can deliver for your business?

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Who are we?

ID Digital Media is a Montreal-based fully bilingual interactive media production company and marketing agency, offering the latest in web and mobile integrated solutions for entertainment, for marketing, for sales and leads.

We deliver tailor-made iPhone apps, android apps, web and e-commerce ready tools for any business large and small. On a tight budget? You might just be surprised how affordable your own iPhone and android app just might be. feel free to check out our pricing

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